Our Fees

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All of the work undertaken for you will be conducted by Stuart Fantham and his team. Stuart oversees all work conducted by his office.

There are a significant number of elements of our work for which we do not charge and you will see more details in this section.

A good deal of the work undertaken by the firm is generally offered on a fixed fee basis instead – this is typically for residential conveyancing matters and associated work. Other matters are undertaken on a time-costed basis at the firm’s prevailing hourly rate – currently £225 per hour.

VAT and disbursements must be added to all of our fees. Disbursements are sums we pay to third parties on your behalf.

Where this firm undertakes time-costed work our time is broken down into 6 minute units – there are therefore 10 units per hour. A simple email or very short letter may therefore simply constitute one 6 minute unit and hence be charge at 1/10 of our hourly rate, ie. £22.50.

Please remember that our fees (both fixed and hourly rate fees) are subject to a constant review.

Please also remember that our initial discussions will usually be without cost or obligation.

Details of our residential conveyancing and probate work charges appear separately in this section of our website. Please click on the appropriate text to find out more.

Before we can accept instructions from a new Client, we will need to carry out a series of identification verification and money laundering type checks. We use an electronic ID checking system – we do not charge you for doing so in routine circumstances.

Please also bear in mind that as a firm, you will not be charged by us for routine postages, normal telephone calls or normal photocopying work. An example of where we might make such charges could include specialised postal services such as recorded or special delivery.

When dealing with Land Registry applications for registration, where possible we will submit your application for registration electronically without any additional cost charged by ourselves notwithstanding the additional work this involves. This may then entitle you to a 50% reduction in the Land Registry fees – please refer to the relevant section in the pages below.